House Games

House Games is a non-profit artist-run triennial. This event takes place in a standard Finnish apartment which maintains its function as a home, while serving as an alternative exhibition outlet. The exhibition is composed of recent artwork from a broad range of artistic practices and cultures. The site-specific installations, videos, paintings, drawings and sculptures shown in House Games range from free associations to literal takes on the theme of house and/or home.

The underlying objective of House Games is to incite community interest in the arts by providing a warm and casual space in which artists and the general public can comfortably mingle. House Games is also interested in presenting a light challenge to artists in the invitation to create new work which coherently relates to a theme, bridges the difficulties of a lived-in exhibition space and stays true to the artists’ intentions. House Games promotes an active artistic community in Central Finland coming together for a better comprehension of art and the vitality of artistic expression.

The House Games triennial was founded by visual artist Anna Ruth and photographer/graphic designer Juho Jäppinen in their own home apartment in Jyväskylä, Finland, 2005.